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Bedford Park Capital Corporation is the investment manager for the Bedford Park Opportunities Fund, an investment fund that largely focuses on Canadian small and mid-cap equities.

The objective of the fund is to maximize capital appreciation for unitholders. The fund employs a bottom-up investment approach with a strong focus on return on equity and aims to identify companies which are attractively valued relative to their sustainable growth potential. In addition, the fund seeks to enhance returns by actively trading its core positions and capitalizing on special situations as they arise. The fund’s principals have extensive experience and relationships across the capital markets in research, portfolio management, trading, investment banking, and private debt and have developed a disciplined and proprietary approach to identify and thoroughly research superior investment opportunities.

In February 2022, Bedford Park Capital Corporation launched the Bedford Park Opportunities Trust.  The Trust invests directly into the Bedford Park Opportunities Fund and was formed to allow investors to access the Fund's investment strategy using their registered accounts (RRSP, TFSA, RRIF).

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